From which age is the train driven off?

2021-08-28 08:02:27 NOEL

Do not have a degree, little friends, had no relation yet, and I'm doing healthy either as well that will be because I sitting around 1 year only at home and no longer had a buck.

Of course,

Of course You can also change his life at the age of 60 but I'm 22 years old and I wonder I can do everything?

I missed something?

When was your opinion on the train?

The train has never left it is never too late Choose 77%

30+ Choose 12%

18+ Choose 5%

40+ Choose 2%

50+ CHOOSE 2%

60+ CHOOSE 2%

25+ CHOOSE 0%


Many always say "You are 22 !!! still so young and can still do everything"

I just know myself.



My view is quite clear:

The earlier you start the better ... but still it is just too late when you are death .. .

Enjoy life no matter how old you are

Your mott of the helpers


At 22 years you can start standing properly and build your life. Make a decent vocational training and then enter the professional life.

If you strain and achieve something, it strengthens your self-confidence. It is important to believe in itself and to get accessible goals.


In my program, fellow students were 50 years. In the semester over me even with over 60.

It is absolutely no matter what others, so we all say here. You have to believe it yourself and want to overcome your fears.

Only when your own self-doubt and fears win and hinder new ways to go, the train is actually trapped. Not previously.


You say it myself ...

You are really young, make your degree after, look for an education that makes you fun and do not let you Hang ...

The train is only driven off when you leave it. You do not make. It is not age-dependent, but motivational dependent.


but everHer ready for yourself and changing what, the less you miss.

From which age is the train driven off?