Do you know that?

2021-08-28 11:02:50 IRVING

If you looked awned by Omis of the topsheet?

So that's my serious now. I come from Berlin (the nicer areas, I say now)

Bin 18, and always when I do - what I like to do, as it is a kind of hobby of mine - dining out the Italian , I will look directly weird.

Lateral I was standing in front of the entrance to accept my order when I saw, like really 80% of the Omis (you can see them literally that they look for something better) I'm funny.

And that is not a misinterpretation, I can best assess it


As if I were in the zoo


I know!

Sometimes when I'm shopping, just think you're just thinking they can "push" everything and me eifach aside and think they can now pay first

Sorry to all the nice grandmas out there: (

There are a lot of nice, but some really think of themselves as Better just because I'm a young teenager.




I have always been starved by exactly such When I was out there with my then.

International-Couples are probably not so happy XD


weird out weird, or just think nothing. Because like how It says it's nice, fucking there nix,Then Foid you nothing.

Do you know that?