I do not want to be gay?

2021-08-28 16:02:42 DARRYL

Hi people I'm new here and I need your help I already know it's gay but I do not want to be gay I want to stand on women I need help


accept that, even if it is heavy. You will be "so" hopefully will be happy. If you are not in women, then you are not receptive for today's hetero sexual society and sexual advertising. I am still looking for as many advantages as possible. No disadvantage without advantage. You can then join in the colorful parades. You can not change it, so live happy and well with it. You have peace before "bitches" so to speak. I do not know more about this either. I could z. B. Never kiss a man, I would puke me. - A misfortune is not your situation!


Many significant personalities were gay like the fairytale king Ludwig v. Bavaria, Friedrich the Great, Prince Eugen, and he was aEven small and ugly. On the other hand, you should learn diligently so you will become something. You have a nice life, without fear that you make a kid, and a nice life partner you get too. - If you are so far, talk to someone about it. I can not know when and with whom, but parents, teachers, priests are good, and you will not be sentenced to death, maybe nothing can happen. If you have a best friend, maybe tell him. But forced you nothing. Now in puberty it sometimes looks dark, but that changes. And for all, one makes a tragedy. That's part of it.


I do not think that you can change that ...


Dei Sexual orientation is innateSo you do not change it accept it, it's not bad to be gay.


The only thing you can advise you can accept. It is not bad to be gay.

I do not want to be gay?