Do you think it's time for the first open to homosexual president?

2021-08-28 16:05:05 DALLAS

This is

Peter Montgomery Buttigieg

No matter, the main performance Choose 72%

Irrelevant What for a direction He has Choose 13%

Other choose 5%

Would be time choose 4%

LGBT Hype again Choose 4%

Hopefully not Choose 3%


The sexuality does not make a human to a better politician. Accordingly, he would certainly be a nice sign as President, but this office should not reach his sexuality.


but definitely direct a few sympathetics. If the guy is still good and not just gay, then I think I'm pretty good if a homosexual man (or a woman) would be president (or president).


Politics should be above all content and do not turn to play personal properties of applicants.


I would find it great. However, in my opinion, it would be nonsense to choose him because of his sexual orientHeritage. If he has politically good goals, I would be there.


If he is as a person, he seems already a certain sympathy (visually) but unfortunately I know him so far NOT NOT