Japanese * inside and sexuality?

2021-08-28 16:06:19 FAYE

What kind of relationship does the Japanese society on sexuality have? How open are Japanese * inside what the topic is concerned?


Especially the youth would be interested in :)


Since many incredibly nonsense without your own experience write, and only play what your belly feeling says or what they have heard about eight corners, here my findings first-hand.

(Apart from that, "Asia" is huge and Japan is not comparable to South Korea at all, even though the direct neighboring countries are. If anyone "Asia" generalized and thus probably poses "Vietnam" & Co in a saucepan, then That's a sign that the one does not know what he is talking about!)

First I want to point out on DMM. This is a Japanese streaming provider that already existed in Japan, as in this country nobody wUSSTE, what Netflix is.

So, and DMM also has a very broad erotic offer, but only for adults of course.

If you want to log in there, you have to specify his personal ID ID (that is in Japan "Mynumber") and therefore the following statements are also 100% correct and not faulty.

DMM has created more than 100% of its customers (no samples, but really all customers) statistics, and divided into genders.

The top-25 erotic categories have been released separately for men and women, with a very surprising result:

In women, "Schoolgirl", "Lolita" and "Sexual harassment in trains" stands in 1 to 3 , If I remember quite, there were still "rape" yet"Public sex", etc. Here.

In men, however, place 1 "housewives", and in place 22 or came first "schoolgirl". Topics such as "rape", "sexual harassment", etc. came in the first 25 published favorite categories not before!

There were other topics of 1 to 25 but it was a very clear trend recognizable: men Uniquely stood on "more harmless" or "conventional" erotic categories, and it was exclusively the women who stood on pretty perverted.

And this realization has hust up me.

As I said, it is not a sample, but really all customers and their preferences were drawn in the evaluation.

And I say it again: thatA man as a woman logs on to DMM, or vice versa, is excluded because you have to specify his Mynumber, which is checked. (In Germany comparable to the e-identity card.)

So it is not called that Japanese men would be particularly "pervert" here. If one would actually want to use this term, he is clearly true and exclusively on women.

Then another respondences regarding the other answers:

I know Seehore many couples and couples who have a German or Japanese part. That someone has been discontinued or there were bigger problems, I have never heard. Also not from hearing.

It is rather so that Germans often not with their Japanese daughtersSo quite clear. In Japan, German partners are basically gladly seen and initial skepticism is fast away.

Of course, it may happen that someone is expelled, but I honestly know that only from the boulevard press. And in Germany that will happen similarly often.

At the subject of jamming: you can not say a flat rate. I had Japanese girlfriends who could not overcome their swarm their love, and I had girlfriends who were extremely open.

One of the latter category was an evening naked in front of my apartment door, and asked me certain things. But that was an extreme case.

My a Japanese sister is extremely shy and cichert if you have a LeSbian couple sees. My other Japanese sister is much more open in this regard.

My parents and my parents-in-law are a bit jammed than the young people.

And on the playground, last a student with her boyfriend had a blanket in a blanket, and unmatched things "Things" done.

Unfortunately, no erotic booklet has been sold in the contexts for some time, which were always censored and tied anyway anyway, so you could hardly look pure anyway.

I think the scissors are jammed between and open slowly goes apart. Unfortunately.

Unfortunately, conservative and moralapostel are not only in Germany. Especially "Conservativism" in Japan would mean that male and wifeGo into the bathhouse or a hot source. Unfortunately, this culture dies slowly.

To answer your question again: I think the youth is mostly quite open, but that fluctuates certainly strong. In the country you can assume that everyone has pimped with 15 times. The smaller the Kaff, the higher the density of students and students with "experience".

In the towns, it looks different and many have never had a partner with 20.

So, that was all that I think now.

Have a nice evening! :)

PS: the point with the revision or "dumping" in Japan, from the other answer, but unfortunately agrees too much.


Mein Own experience naChrite more open than in Germany. EROTICAL BOATES, especially in large cities, seem to be much more present and publicly visible.

Also in the bar (a really completely normal bar), in which I often go, you are extremely open and sex is often one Topic, which is openly addressed there.

Otherwise, it will be very individually dependent on how to handle it and you can not just say that all people in the country handle the same handling of it.


Part of the men and women are single and sexually jammed. It is difficult for you to find a sex partner or partner for a longer relationship to marriage.

Another part of women is relatedF EROTICS BEAUTIFICIZED AND FUNCTIONAL. Example: There are platforms for Cybersex, there are such women involved, even those that are married and children have. Well, there is nothing for sure, it's just about erotic chat, but you have to be open to participate in it.


however everywhere in the developed world, the Younger open, the older ones still have some prejudices.


As with almost all Asian countries, morality is extremely strict. A woman is not married from love, but because she is supplied. Love is called rather care. Therefore, marriages are also arranged by the family and at least approved. If the woman does not stick to it, she is expelled and discouraged (eggN Fate that some Japanese people happen to USA or EU if they get to know their loved ones).

That this is critically seen by the youth is clear, but it is in any case a step out of society If you do not stick to it.

Male teenagers also like to get out of society and have a few wild years before they find themselves in any company and strift their social and moral duty. In the (very stressful and nearly leisurely) professional life is then well not allowed anymore, certainly no flirts or relationships within the work. In addition, marriage is incredibly expensive, which can hardly afford a poor girl - because you expect gifts and attentions etc.

The consequences are a pile of girls who, because they are seduced, or not objectionable, or even sole "nothing more value," then work as a bargain, prostitute or waitress with special advantages in pretty sloping eroticism Etablissements, where there is nothing, so to speak (MAN Note, the rigider the moral ideas are, the debasive the sinful miles). Then the older gentlemen gladly like to go if the "dragged girl panties from the machine do not go anymore.

And we mean from the West then, which are all very loose. The opposite is the case!

Of course, people also work there on how to get this to today's stand. but there is also a big oneThe proportion of people surrender and join in, like everywhere ...

Japanese * inside and sexuality?