Why are badly educated German against immigration?

2021-08-28 21:00:44 CODY



Because the worse formed first come under pressure in the job, when many people are pushing to the labor market.


Because well-educated and highly qualified workers No need to worry that an immigrant could make their workplace without German language skills and without connections. At most low earners without special education, there is a risk that they could be replaced by immigrants


Because the poorly educated smarter than the well-formed. Germany needs immigration, but Germany does not need immigration into social systems :

Some amazing figures of the Federal Statistical Office: from 1971 to 2003, the number of foreigners in Germany rose from three to 7.3 million. By contrast, the number of foreigners subject to social security contributions remained constant at 1.8 million. Much of the immigration to Germany went past the job market in the social system.

Helmut Schmidt also saw the immigration of people from the Islamic culture of culture, but was self-qualified and Federal Chancellor of this state.


Because the educated ones do not fall so much on Fake News to see a flat-rate competition in the refugees, especially in terms of the labor market.


Even if the question was made polarizing, I can also confirm this from my own experience.

poorly educated people, can be more easily influenced by the opinion of others before they have formed an opinion and as soon as they have formed an opinion, they are very difficult to dissuade them, no matter how many facts arrives.

In addition, these people often have problems to distinguish fake news from real news.

But, one must be made poorly, not confused with stupid. Most poorly educated people, are not stupid. You just have never taught how to use your mind. They are just a proof of how broken our education system is now.

Why are badly educated German against immigration?