Cat plays on sofa?

2021-08-28 21:02:31 CHRISTINA

How can I pick up my cat on the sofa? I got a new couch a new couch for whom I really saved for a few weeks ago.
A few weeks ago we got a second cat and always plays on the couch, pulls threads out and then plays with the threads . Whenever I hear the commander, I'll hear you down, say no and give her a toy on the floor but within two seconds the toy is on the couch and that will be further destroyed.
I'm just frustrated and would be really grateful for some tips.


Do you have a scratching tree or a play area?

Maybe you manage to stare in a corner, which is much more interesting and exciting than your couch.

I've heard that some catnip smell on scratch trees spray to make them really interesting for the cat.

So, can somehow build something what the cat is a thousand times more interesting than your couch, Then she will quickly lose interest in the couch.

Unless she is the sort cat who always scratches and everywhere.


Cats are not dogs. You can not train them. You can try to connect with the couch something negative by using it with a convertedGlass cleaner spray, in which you fill water, once reappear when you go to the couch - the cat's cat's most not very much and it is harmless.

Other possibility would be the cat to cut the claws regularly.

The most sensible and stress-saving solution would just be a bedspread to buy, which the claws and stays away from the couch. Disadvantage: Release and rest again and rest again when you want to sit on the couch yourself.


Hello Catapunica ,

Even if you want to do it, if you and your visit, etc. want to sit on the couch - but please Try the layout of aluminum foil, it can help it. Place it generously on the seat of the couch. Cats mDo not let this foil.


If you buy cats, then the furniture must be two-ranking. That's bad luck. You can hopefully imagine that little cats are playing a lot and active. If the sofa is more important to you, give the cats in better hands. By the way: The cat does not understand that no. So you can leave it. It will always go to the great sofa.


A cat needs freigang ... a cat wants to chase, climb, explore ... if the chosen environment of your cat numal yours Apartment is, you should also make it so that your cat can live out ... because the cat is no matter if you have an IKEA standard model or a 10000Euro designer couch in your terriTeach.

Cat plays on sofa?