Why are unburded people more and more to people 2nd class?

2021-08-28 23:02:48 MANDY

If you sound like statements from politicians and the media, unburded people are more and more excluded from social life. From October e.g. Unburse citizens must pay the coronatest himself. How long should that go? Forever or how?

Then some 2g want to enforce, ie the self-tested person nowhere will come in. What do you have against people who do not want to vaccinate? Just leave them alone. This only promotes the cleavage of society, for example, I have a neighbor who is not vaccinated and that to my father in a conversation about said: the politicians and all those who are beautiful and advocating all that will sometime be hard to feeln. Do you want it to come so far? Anyway, I do not want to experience something!


There is no complete protection against infectious diseases and there is no vaccine or other medication that is 100 percent safe without side effects.

But we all know that. We also comply with traffic rules, although in road traffic constantly there are a lot of innocent, which are completely correctly behaved.

From the fact that the right thing is to do, no is absolutely Safe way, one can not derive the right to do the wrong thing.


This is a difficult question. First of all: My personal opinion should not play a role here, so I try to look at the lens.

As far as I know, the state has a certain amount already in advanceCovet doses acquired, but of which a large part has not yet been revealed. On the one hand, of course, you can do not suppose that the state will not stay at the cost and therefore want to sell as all vaccinations as possible, on the other hand, it would not be an advantage for the upcoming choice, billions of euros unnecessarily for vaccinations that nobody wants to have . Thirdly, the vaccines would have to be destroyed at a cost-playing way after expiration of the "minimum date", if no one wanted to have nobody, which would lead to double costs. The same thing has already occurred in 2008.

On the other hand, there are few arguments not to use the vaccine when offered free of charge for the citizen. Even if you are contrary to eachThe expectation should not help to end the pandemic, it would at least be a means of returning to normal. And even if there are some dangerous possible side effects in vaccination, but these are only side effects due to the structure of the mRNA vaccine, which can be done exactly as part of a COVID19 disease - how, however, the probabilities at both stand, I do not know . However, the whole thing makes it comprehensible that stricter conditions are enforced.

Ultimately, it is difficult to justify such measures. The dignity of man is inviolable, and everyone should be aware of the decision to vaccinate or not. You can speculate here if the one out of malicityt against a vaccine, or whether the state heats up and uses the rage of others on the "evil" to collect his money.

Nobody will give you a correct answer to the questions. Everything I can recommend to you is to make yourself about so many different sources as you can - that makes sure you do not tell someone nonsense from which faction always. Because idiots are on each case on both sides; D


Unvaccinated people mean a risk for society and healthcare. They suffer more often to Corona and his mutants and expect the Solidar community that they have them despite a vaccine possible for a few euros in the case of illness HunDere and thousands of euros on the table lays to make her healthy again.

That they contribute to them here by the majority of the population, many seem to be interested in many.

Who does not agree with non-medically justified reasons Do not vaccinate, must carry the consequences. I say that, even if I am neither a politician nor media.


Let's take it to it so that unvaccinated people are 2nd class: You can become a first class Class up.

and 2G? NUNT, this remains the same to do this so.

And why should I spend your own pleasure for your pleasure.

The unvavings expect solidarity. But are you solidaric?

The incidence of uncovered is now higher than mapped. And not only something but clear. (10 times so much) and although the shells are pure percentage even in the minority. Likewise, the uncovered are responsible for 95% of hospital items.


Because otherwise the Corona pandemic is not to get under control. Since

the vaccine, for whatever reason, is not introduced, the measures to compare are becoming more and more drastic and ultimately approaching a duty.

I am 2 x vaccinated with fizer and Live now balanced.

Why are unburded people more and more to people 2nd class?