What happens after death?

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Hello Keni269,

I have already heard the most diverse views! The one say an invisible part of man, the soul would continue after death. Others mine, with death all over. Where can you find reliable answers?

The Bible shows us clearly what really happens in death. After the first person, Adam, had joined him against God, announced himself to himself: "Because dust are you, and Dust you will return " (1st Moses 3:19). So Adam would return to the same state in which he was in front of his creation, the state of non-existence .

What God said to Adam today is in the same way today. On humans and animal trifFT in the death of the irrefutable truth: "They all have become out of dust, and they all return to dust" (preacher 3:19, 20).

Nowhere in the Bible is that man has an immortal soul. It used the term soul in the sense that this is meant

entire human being, not just a part of him. That's why the following statement also meets: "Behold! All souls - I belong to me. Like the soul of the father, as well as the soul of the son - they belong to me. The soul who sins - themselves will die" (Hesekiel 18 : 4).

So if man ceases to exist during death, that means that everything is for him? Is death, so to speak, a journey without return? Absolutely no way! The Bible SpicHt from being resurrected by the dead one day

. The word "resurrection", which the Bible needed, comes from the Greek word "An√°stasis". This means "straightening" or "recharging". Severone who gets up, returns to life, through the power of God.

In the Bible book Hosea 13:14 it is said, for example: "From power I will redeem them of the tomb. From death I will retrieve them. " A faithful servant of God of the Old Time, Job, was also convinced of his future resurrection, because he said, "If a powerful man dies, he can live again? ...

You will call you, and I will, I will tell you Answers . After the work of your hands you will tend to be "Job 14:14, 15).

The question that now asksst that,

where the resurrection will take place? The Bible explains that some are raised to life in the sky. You will receive the special task of governing together with Jesus Christ as Kings (Revelation 5: 9, 10). This resurrection is mentioned in the Bible the "first resurrection" or "early resurrection" (Revelation 20: 6; Philipper 3:11).

Talking from a first resurrection only makes sense, though a

Further will follow. This second resurrection will apply to the of the deceased. They return to life here on Earth . In the psalms is: "The righteous themselves will have the earth , and they are always living on them" (Psalm 37:29).


all verStayed down again? The Bible says there are "a resurrection of both the righteous, as well as the unjust" (Acts 24:15). With the righteous ones are meant those who were loyal to God, such as Abraham or Noah. The unjustly counting people who did not have the opportunity to get to know God really and do his will.


when the resurrection will take place? The Bible shows that it is a in the future event. So the deceased will not be resurrected immediately after their death. The resurrection for earthly life takes place during the 1000-year-old Peace Rich of Jesus described in the Bible.

The hope of the resurrection is reduced to EInen the pain associated with the death of a loved one, and on the other hand, she shows us that with death,

does not go over

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I am a Christian, I believe in an eternal life after death. I believe in a reunion in paradise. I do not think you have another life on earth in another body after death (eg as an animal or in another family).

If you want to know a lot what convinces me That god and an eternal life after death, then you can me eg Questions or go to my profile.


What happens after death?
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I believe on the basis of approved memories that I looked after my current life as well as after many obviously previously previously With my present comparable life in a kind of eternal existence as a (collective) dream wake up, that I will eventually survive more with my current comparable life, including other variations of my current life, among other things, because I believe in such and a person zI've encountered in my current life, which I knew before the first of two meetings due to such memories, as well as you, because we recognized each other at the first of the two meetings at first glance and at the second meeting, right after you me told that at the moment of the first sight at the first meeting, she was just like me, to tell me about an experience in an earlier variation of the current life in all details in mind with my memory of it without me, while she told about it somehow influenced. Only after she was finished by telling about it, I told her until I had experienced this in the dream himself again before my alarm clock had awakened. The reminderOnly missed one or two seconds and I could have seen my eternal partner in this reminder. Just because of this reminder, she also gave me a basket at the first of the two, because this was actually intended as a date after replying my contact ad in a newspaper.


Me I'm not believer but I think you will be born again sometime. Whether that's true, I can not tell you unfortunately. But I would also be satisfied with it when I could finally be together with the person of my dreams


That's the question.

Some have passed the examination of life, others did not. Then comes the paradise. An eternal life, while the others as ghosts foreverSearch for peace.

What happens after death?