Lecture scared?

2021-08-29 00:03:56 FREDA

Hey, I'm 14 years old and will confirm tomorrow. I'm really happy, but I have to present a text about 200 people. I'm really scared of that, especially since I'm going hard in a voice break :( In the samples it ran very badly. My voice is kacked several times. What can I do against this fear? Thanks for all answers


I can understand the lamp fever. Even if your voice does not always do what you want, do not let yourself be fooled and bold your text before.

I wish you a day who will always remain in memory of you and your coinfirmands.

Good succeed.


practice, practice practicing.

in your room. Loud and clear

and tomorrow fix a point at the back in the church and tell your text.

Texthen and voice break is normal with a Confi. It is clear that the Confal are all terribly excited.

Take the time today and practice and tomorrow I wish you a wonderful day for you.


You could practice at home, theText to read, then you will win self-security.

And forget: All listeners are looking forward to your big day tomorrow. Nobody will look at your texts critically.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow and wish you a nice confirmation.