How does sperm taste?

2021-08-29 00:05:02 ALFREDO

I wanted to ask how that tastes, because I'm not a boy myself and never had to be with one, I already ask this question a bit longer. I have heard that it should taste after the favorite food, which would be pizza in my case.

Is that true, or does it have a powerless?


It tastes salty, the consistency has a bit of a oyster. Then it always depends on the diet of the man: strong smokers and beer drinkers are the worst, as it tastes scarf, sometimes even bitter.

After pizza it does not taste, but if you are still inexperienced, then Give your partner first to drink a liter of pineapple juice.

That affects the taste.


The taste of sperm can be very different. Mostly it tastes a little salty / bitter . But depending on the diet and life change (smoking, alcohol etc), the taste can also be slightly sweet, or just very salty or very bitter.


Tastes MiRally not after pizza ^^

It is rather salty, although that works with the pineapple juice. Mine loves juices and therefore it always tastes very sweet when he drinks them a few hours before. But it generally has to do with the diet that affects the taste. Healthy diet is better than fast food and something.


As maybe the coincidence wants, I just smelled a self-caused spot today and listed the observations.

The stinks bestial, a little salty / fishy With a bit of the picture. This will probably taste as well as it smells, probably very disgusting.


salty - so a buddy says!

How does sperm taste?