Hi what do if you are in love with your teacher?

2021-08-29 07:04:32 ARMANDO

Hey guys, I have a really big problem.

I'm 13 years old and I have a crush on my teacher. Of course, she is much older than I mega pretty.

I realize how she sometimes smiled me in the lesson funny as if she likes me too.

But I have a girlfriend and I can not tell if I still love it does not taste it anymore.

But I can not stop because we had really good sex 2 days ago. :) Jaja I know is funny with 13 already sex but good.

Can you help me please? I definitely need tips. How I can forget you very quickly.



2. The emotional emptiness, which can be caused by a lack of interest of the family at the student or lack of understanding for their conditions and not satisfied with tenderness and love.

3. Leisure, which the student can not fill out.

4. There can be mental disorders for which the student needs someone who stands to help him get rid of him.

And it can only be sometimes (Dalaa girl) ..


First of all, you should finish and do not play with feelings other just because the sex was good 2 days ago. And your teacher you have to make yourself aware that this can not work, even if you smiled yourself from your side from the highest speedI only friendliness and then it goes to distraction with gambling, friends meet etc.


Sex with 13 is unimaginable for me, where did we already have sex as Normal view. You can love your teacher in mind, everything else would be absurd.

Hi what do if you are in love with your teacher?