Do the incidence figures manipulate us or have mistakes in my calculations?

2021-08-29 10:03:36 NICOLE

I'm more concerned with mathematics than the politicization of Corona, but I've had the following thoughts:

The Bavarian incidence among the vaccases is currently 9.2 (from 100,000) Among the uncovered at 110.5. Of 1000 vaccinated, 999,908 were core health (because 1-9.2 / 100), from 1000 unvaccepted are 998,895 (because 1-110.5 / 100). The vaccine incidence is thus 12 times as high (110.5 / 9.2) as those of the unvavings; However, the infected rate of uncovered only 0.10% (because 999,908 / 998,895) higher.

Since 999,908-998,895 is about 1, this would mean that under 1,000 vaccinated only an infected less than under the unvaccinated.

In my view - my calculations have no mistake - would be the incidence numberin that outrageously manipulative, since in the public with the ratio 9.2 is vaccinated to 110.5 unpavipulated, the vaccine would have a high proportion of less infections; They prevented them only every thousandth infection.

Discounting between incidence value and real correlation with the real infectious events could be explained to me with the arbitrarily highly stated measurement variable of 100,000 people; Is that correct?

Commented my bill; Have in my calculations mistakes - and if so, where? Is my conclusion right? Please read opinions of mathematicians, I myself am no one; only mathematical interested.

Thank you: -)


As I see that, you've got a bit back and forth. Not fundamentally wrong, but not particularly targetable. Between the incidences is a factor of 12 ... seen on the absolute numbers, this results in 1000 people once about 1 person is infected (unvoved) and once a 1/12 person (vaccinated). The difference is about 1 person per 1000 and thus 100 per 100,000. As far as right, but we would be back at the beginning, because 110 - 9 is also about 100.

The one infected to 1000 people may be little for you may be little, but is just still a lot in the crowd.

Maybe that could be interesting for you: vaccated hospital patient-A-F5EF9929-B187-4FD5-952D-F3DF354F696A

There are a pair of invoices in it.


Hello Kopflabyrinth !

Your invoice is correct. But the end to the absolute numbers is not useful and therefore the comparison is simply misleading.

If you download the number with 9.2 infected from 100,000 to 1000, then you have only 0.092 infected under the vaccinated stops (So ​​about 1/11 man!), At the Unburse then just 1,105. The factor from one another remains exactly the same. You can easily go on a dimension and calculate at 100 or 10 with the result that the distance in absolute numbers is 1/10 or only 1/100 human being. The factOR still remains the same. There are always so many unvaccinated 12 times than vaccinated.

Greetings Friedemann


I do not believe in a long time what politics told.

What is when the science policy gives the desired research goal in advance? That exactly what happened in the spring of 2020, it indicates a research world on Sunday . According to this, the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) researchers asked to develop a model on the basis of which "measures preventive and repressive nature" could be planned. Not any researchers, but those of the Robert Koch Institute, the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, the Institute of German Economics, the Foundation Science and POlikitics and several universities. They all like with.
Quote ends

Source: Arm-der-Politik.html


I live in Berlin and I'm skeptical since 01.08.2020

I used to be often on the Loveparade and white As it looks, if about 1 million people stay between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column.

Allegedly, on the 1st of August 2020, "only" 20,000 people were there, I was very surprised and decided to go there on 29,08,2020.

I have experienced the mass of people themselves, in all newspapers was next day of 37,000 people ... reallaughable.

and it was not just the people on the road, we were also left and right from the street in the park.

You can not count people on the picture now, but you can research themselves.

I've been very careful with what the government and mainstream media have been told.


If the incidence is at 9.2 in the vaccinated, then it says:

Under 100,000 vaccines, 9.2 vaccinated were infected.

and when the incidence is at 110.5 at the non-vaccines, then it says:

Under 100,000 non-vaccases, 110.5 have infected with the virus.


The infection rate at the non-GE vaccated is 12x higher than the vaccinated.


1 Case of 1000 are just 100 cases below 100,000, which is your mistake.

But: The incidence values ​​are still with caution to enjoy, as it was much less frequently are tested, especially then if they do not show symptoms.

Do the incidence figures manipulate us or have mistakes in my calculations?