Hello, I have a question in the direction of sex?

2021-08-29 12:04:08 LORENA

I wanted to ask if it can happen that I can hurt my girlfriend for the first time (since I have 16.5cm but do not know if that's so much) and if so what I can do about it.

Thank you in advance :)


If you really love your girlfriend and knows you, I wish you a lot of fun first time. ;)

You will be careful and you're not going on "rammelst". Let your time and take this time, the rest does not matter, the world turns or so on.



Always very important;)


Take a lot of time

Coats, kisses you, pull out slowly, talk to each other

'I like me if you are looking for me I do not like it 'is absolutely OK to say and so important

are tender

If you say somewhere Stop Stopst you

The same is true for you

If you do not like ETGS please tell her

Your Body Your Rules

Your body's rules

No History No

You come to the condom and before you come with your thing near your vagina you have it

the best Standing for the beginning is missionary as I find, it can be a little enthusiast and he has a good position to get gently

The rest makes it with each other :)


Jo can simply happen good foreplay, so it gets really moist. Of course, can also happen that they are not damp due to excitement then in no case introduce the penis. Anyway, if she is moist to introduce the penis slowly and if she says it just hurts a bit stop


If it is certainly your first time, it would be LanTan with ingress of penetration

Hello, I have a question in the direction of sex?