What is the most normal?

2021-08-29 13:01:52 REX

I'm in love with someone's 19th, I'm 12. Until when should I wait? So what age would be the best of here below? If it would be to wait 100 years!

I'm female

18 and 25 Choose 63%

16 and 23 Choose 19%

20 and 27 choose 19%

12 and 19 Choose 0%

14 and 21 Choose 0%


From 18 it would be legal, would still wait two years. In addition, the probability then is very low that you have the same feelings


Find everything else rather abnormal ....

Also: If a 19-year-old would be something with a 12-year-old, I would be worried about the psyche of the 19-year-old ....


My sister, for example, is 22 and her friend 29 but the Question is whether you would still love him


From the age I would say that the difference is no longer so strong on and so from 20 or mid 20 actually plays No matter more I think.


You have to be 18 then it's legAl

What is the most normal?