Artificial coma values?

2021-08-29 14:02:47 COURTNEY

My mother was stopped for 20-30 minutes without oxygen and is now in artificial coma. The one doctors say that they will die and the others they will do it. Is who knows about these values ​​and can say if they are good?


Nobody knows the history here.

Say with the doctors! Ferndiagnostic does not help you if someone writes: clearly or not ...

Especially as it makes a big difference whether "only" 20 minutes or 30 minutes without oxygen.

This is what comes to that Here nobody knows the other factors and how it could come, which was not supplied to oxygen for so long. Pre-conditions and, if necessary, further effects. E.g. Inhalation of vomit, drugs, etc., etc.


Unfortunately, you can not derive anything at all ... At first glance, the numbers are quite good. Looks stable. But what unfortunately does not stand, how many medications are necessary to keep the circulation son, as it is, how much oxygen is necessary to keep the saturation good (the rest of the ventilation looks unobtrusively, even if I can not decipher everything) and above all - what about the brain function after so long time Without oxygen? All these points can not be answered without reasonable knowledge of the fall of your mother. I'm sorry what happened, but no one on this platform can only tell you if it can give hope or not. I would find it sad if you are confused by opinions here. Trust the doctors on site, even if unfortunately in the start-up phase such a treatment always different assessments are called by the individual doctors.

My tip: see you early onErnerzt as a contact person with which you can do well. Asks, let's explain. Always talk if possible with the same doctor to avoid different opinions. And not only thinks about the current state, but might already think about the liability. What if she survives but with brain damage? You have to be taken on such possibilities. Almost no one survives such a thing with eternally long reanimation without consequential damage. In this difficult time, you will seek early and independent of the exit help by a psychologist, pastor or something in the direction. Sometimes. Can the clinic convey. It will all be a heavy time for you, not just your mother. Also think a bit of you. And what you should think about?Because this question will come: What would your mother want? Some people write a living will, but I'll take care that your mother has not thought of it in her young years. But you know it best and know if you would like to live or do you want to live with disabilities - and it's not about what you want (clear, you want to have it again), but about what she wanted. Unfortunately, you can not ask you only at the moment. As I said, I think this question will be a topic again, so it's worth thinking about it, so hard it is.

Once again: Nobody can help you with a distance here. I do them myself intwnsuvmedicine, but I too could not say anything. If you have BESTermed formulations do not understand, OK, you can talk about that, but what concerns your mother's health, you have to trust the attending doctors. Hold together as a family and seeks help. Always tries to talk to the same doctor, best a senior physician. And keep yourself in mind that it is a serious case and that unfortunately does not always survive that one gets the man you love, as you think. Unfortunately, you have to be taken on everything. That's why again: seek help. I see so often relatives who go down because they themselves are completely forgotten.

I wish you and your mother all the best ...


The oxygen saturation is extremely low. ToFor 3 minutes without oxygen, the first lines start, dispersed. After 20 minutes without oxygen, considerable damage will be left behind. Nevertheless, all the best ...


As a first I wish your mom that she creates that you remain brave and faith that she never loses losing. As a second you need to know that there are doctors and that will do everything.lg and all the best


What I can see is that blood pressure is a little low. Everything else you should let yourself be explained by a doctor.

And even if it is a heavy situation - everything comes as it has to come. But do not give hope, because there were enough people who were dead and fought back to life!

Artificial coma values?