Why is Ronald Reagan in the US so worshiped?

2021-08-29 15:03:36 VICKY

Why is the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagon, managed by the Americans? Is it to because he competed the economy and the prosperous growth has arrived at the poorest?


Is it because it has boosted the economy and the prosperity must also have arrived at the poorest?

That can hardly be. He not only driven the state debt enormously. In his reign, there was also an economic recession. Social inequality has been increased.

It is correct that many trailers do not like facts. Today they would be corona swur and held climate change for an invention of the bicycle industry.


Reagan is revered mainly by Republicans, as these often believe he kept their ideals high. That's exactly what he promised before his choice: he wanted to get the finances under control, nonsensical expenses end, authorities and minisAbolish and reduce the state.

He has ultimately the opposite: his abnormal armament policy has totally ruined the state budget and at the end of his term, there were even


ministries than before. Reagan has enlarged the Federal Government, not shrinking. He also generally no really conservative policy, made the abortion laws and the Civil Rights Act (which his teacher, Barry Goldwater, 1964 still described as unconstitutional) and spoke to restrictions of weapon law.

All this Is apparently unknown to the Republicans or consciously ignored. Maybe another reference to the shortcomings of the American education system. Or on the mendacity of the local PoLikikist.


For the same reasons why all populist heads of state are worshiped: in fact, he has boosted the economy, but by increasing the debt!

e.g. Has he massively increased the arms spending, for example by reactivating the B-1 bomber program, which his predecessor Jimmy Carter had laid on ice:

Rockwell B-1 - Wikipedia

In addition, he brought the strategic defense initiative program (SDI, also called "Star Wars") on the way, ie a defense system against enemy ballistic rockets: Strategic Defense Initiative - Wikipedia Even unemployment in Germany immediately before the 2nd World War went back massive due to massive armor spending, WAs unsteaded people to the statement, Hitler had "initially good things". Mary You look
Conservative US Americans Reagan (as of February 2009) is often considered the best president at all or as best President after the Second World War. Especially among Republicans, his idealization is very pronounced. [47] [48] This is due to its domestic policy with which, according to the assumption that welfare state reduced and thus the taxes were lowered; This policy is considered to many today's Republicans as a positive counter-draft to them as "socialist" branded social and health policy of a Barack Obama . The ReaganOperated Neoliberal Economic Policy Reaganomics , together with high armor expenditure, led to a temporary economic upswing, which has been generated on a record budget deficit, as large companies were granted significant tax cuts. The inflation rate, which had under its predecessor Carter to be up to 15%, fell to under 5 percent until 1989. [49] On the other hand, Reagan's foreign policy is considered success, since often asserts his hard attitude towards Eastern Block have led to its collapse and the case of Berlin Wall . However, many historians keep this for a myth and argue, the Soviet Union would also disintegrate without Reagan. Sometimes he accused of his aggressive policy in the years from 1981 to 1985, the world has led negligently to the edge of a nuclear war. Literal rights Military interventions such as those in Grenada , concealed CIA operations such as Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan or the support of dictators such as Suharto In Indonesia also as well as the Iran Contra affair the Moralic authority of the USA had undermined. Wide parts of the Republican Party are still called to Reagan's Heritage until today. Reagan's apparent commitment to Christianity also applies to many conservatives as an exemplary.

Why is Ronald Reagan in the US so worshiped?