How likely is it that woman finds a good-looking partner between 30 and mid 40 w

2021-08-29 16:02:27 VERONICA

Unlikely Choose 52%

Medium probably Choose 29%

Very likely Choose 19%


A good-looking partner in the so-called "best age", which is still available, is already a rarity. Either a man was used by attractive women, so that he has already set himself, or he is gay, which he no longer comes into question, or he has so strange attitudes, is such a special that one is considerable as a woman It will have to make the sufficient tolerance here.

Who is underdeveloped in field of eroticism, ie no or only sporadic erotic desires shows, will probably also have other emotional deficits. This is simply because in the tribal history of man exclusively the men's descendants have been committed, an extremely meaningful for sexual activityr factor in life. All other inclinations and attitudes, preferences and possible abilities are not subject to such extreme selection as just the sexuality. A man who lives after the motto: "At my cheese body is not a woman!" Is "away from the window". His hereditary material is wiped out with his death.

Balance sheet: an attractive man in the "best age" with intact emotionality and otherwise a lovable being, which is desirable for a woman in the partnership, on the "Marriage Market" to find, which is now set largely asexual, that would be a great rarity.


At the time I was in top form, now I am with 5x the week with Ü 60 Being! :)


Coming on the woman

If it is very sympathetic, charismatic and emphatic, it is of course more likely


Of course that can be good, and every human being is too Other handsome has nothing to do with sex


There are people - no matter how many, because no one can say - is more important for the other life!

How likely is it that woman finds a good-looking partner between 30 and mid 40 who wants little sex?