I feel Mies because a girl wants to leave Islam for me?

2021-08-29 17:00:40 BONNIE

So I got to know a girl in my city and she is also Turkin her it's super nice and we are mega happy and she wants to change because of me the religion but only to love me I do not like that because that has to do that self conviction and not because of me what should I do


You should make your clear that you do not have to do that and that it should only happen on a voluntary basis.Man should love a lovely how to change and does not have to change for the other. But if you Converted from our own conviction, it is ok. Maybe you should talk to her again.


If you want it seriously, I would disconnect from her before! Although Independent of their current religion.


Changing religion for someone who loves is also stupidly stupid they should never decide for themselves but never doing for another person You talk about it, personally


I think it's very decent from you that you have your eIf you hits this from our own knowledge and not just you to love. Compliment for this!

But basically it is always good if someone decides to return to Islam and turn to another or no religion. In this respect, your decision is definitely correct and important.

Good luck both!


You can talk to her about faith and pray for you. Maybe one day she will really convert Jesus one day.

It's great that you got to know a girl and that you are very happy together. That she wants to become more Christin, first sounds good. But you are right that you should mean that seriously and not wiedHe would like to change the faith at some point. That could then be a problem for a relationship. But so it does not have to come.

I wish you all the best and God's blessing ...

I feel Mies because a girl wants to leave Islam for me?