What can finally do against climate change because the weather is getting wet, a

2021-08-29 17:03:19 CALEB


Except Vertical Talking a La Steinmeier probably nothing more.

There will be much more storms and floods in the future. It actually only helps to set itself not to draw in places with a special danger. But there can still be anywhere everywhere that, for example, suddenly the roof is no longer there and exposed to the rain.


I found it 'Funny' yesterday In the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere only Northern Europe and Ulan Bator / Mongolia (at 1300 meters altitude) comparatively cool temperatures prevailed. In addition, the German temperatures currently compete with those in Sydney, Perth (Australia) and Cape Town (South Africa) where is currently winter and not withThose in eg Canada, where it is very warmer in the temperate width (20-25 degrees).

I looked at the temperate widths recently, see here:

How to see how to see Can, the warm North Atlantic stream normally pushes the subpolar zone until short below the southern tip of Greenland, but at the moment, however, this zone continues south, as the heat transport passes through the high freshwater entries by melting the glaciers and additionally extends the JetStream further south. If that stays, we not only get an extremely cold autumn, winter (summer is over anyway), but possibly over several years ahead of cold summer as this year and whenAfter a few years after a few years, this great weather situation is again waiting for the problem to be used to the extreme heat with temperatures up to 40 degrees, or more.


You completely misunderstood that. Just because the summer in Central Europe was something too wet in Central Europe, that does not mean that this will be the case in the coming years. Extreme weather conditions with a weekly heat and drought are as well as violent and long-lasting rainfall. Even falling average temperatures in Central Europe do not mean that the global average temperature is also sinking worldwide, because the opposite is the case.

Anyone should avoid being burned unnecessarily fossil energy sourcesand thus further increase the CO2 content of the atmosphere.


This is due to the Atlantic Multidecathload oscillation (AMO index), which has heated us so far. The AMO is a cycle of 50 to 70 years, and occurred in the so-called negative phase two or three months ago.


> In the negative phase, these influences turn around: lower temperatures in the northern hemisphere, lower rainfall over Europe, North Africa and the east coast of North America, less hurricanes in the North Atlantic and a stronger Irrication of the Arctic Sea Areas.


OMG please do not ... and until 2 years ago it was:

The weather is always hot and dry

and now little later the panic on the other way. To the head shaking

What can finally do against climate change because the weather is getting wet, and colder in Germany?