Do you think of ghosts?

2021-08-29 18:02:26 TRICIA

Have you ever made experiences with spirits?


Hello Biglia1908,

Well, I believe that there is a lot between heaven and earth, which we can not really explain.

I believe that the souls are deceased among us. As far as that concerns, I have already had many experiences.

That's why I'm absolutely convinced that there is another life after death.

But I would not speak of spirits, but of souls and other spirits.


Hello believe that's one, but yourself to be confronted with one of the other. Had sometimes a spirit in my apartment he made himself felt about 6 times was luckily a very dear


No, I do not believe.

But I played someone in my youth a prank and he suspected ghosts behind it and this person is still in deep conviction the ghost today.

So easily, such experiences and faith may arise!


Yes, ghosts sneak into the thoughts and feelings. At best, they are helpful to achieve good intellectual performance or a high artistic level; Prerequisite is own effort, diligence, long regular practice.

Luckily, there are no "evil spirits"; The "evil" is always with a self, but can be reinforced by influences of ghosts by misunderstanding them.


What do you mean by ghosts?

possibly? unsortlySchlährichen events / happen?

There were some with me

Do you think of ghosts?