Should Whole United States approach the Dictatorial Regime of North Korea, based

2021-08-29 18:03:56 KIRK

Or should one let it be in advance, since perhaps the people meanwhile also characterically and biologically completely different and acts? How do you see this point?

and we have often seen it with the Afghanistan inserts and the overstock of empathy and help can come differently because everyone could understand something else and feel annoyed.

If you still help, even if the Afghan people reject it, is it morally correct? Are we the good in the rich West (including America), if we do it again and again? We have buried those who are not a good role model and sold weapons and always in the first place profitized?

No should not you, as it does not concern us / me choose 63%

Yes I think you should drain it alone because of the agreement choose 31%

No you do not have to be human Choose 6%


Everyone after his Fasson, as long as no other state had to suffer from it, because he may be pressed?

Who says that the people should be unhappy there, you have to be unhappy Do not jump over every piece, which is geared to a?

You write yourself, or have it recognized that always insists that exist, which will not be called floating.

Such reports Kennen come from many states where it does not really work.

and politics is alwaysIn doing so, sanction and then screams almost everything is missing. Hiephellers are it 60 years of sanctions against Cuba, just then.


The problem is that we always think western countries that only our way is the right one. It is simply forgotten: other countries, other customs.
We do not have to interfere everywhere, even if it does not match our values.


No, South Korea is a great country. A resulting reunification with North Korea would be for a disaster. That would be like when Germany has been combined with Turkey or Russia.


One would have to destroy leading regimes. Simply because most people sit there in a huge prison.

If neighboring countries would really close the limits and all states would stop trading North Korea, that would soon be done. Unfortunately, many states secretly undermine the sanctions.


You can not do any more than before 1945 North Korea probably has atomic weapons and if not the ally China you definitely and such a war does not want to lead anyone from meaningful reasons.

Should Whole United States approach the Dictatorial Regime of North Korea, based on the general explanation of global human rights?