Think men with eyewear for you less masculine / attractive?

2021-08-29 20:03:34 KRYSTAL

No Choose 86%

Yes Choose 14%


Yes. Glasses are usually worn to compensate for a see weakness . Accordingly, the man depends on help. Without this help, he would have problems with the hunt and the supply / defense of his offspring. ERGO, less attractive, with regard to the choice of partner.


Previously, one was raised as a spectacle wearer, painted or even clopped. Today, one is partly rather than intellectual and nerds have a better reputation today than before.

I've always liked eyeglass wearers. Is probably because my dad was one. And who is a real man, if not the Dad, who preserves one at any time before particularly stupid idiots.


Na. Why should it work less masculine? As long as it is not such a Harry Potter's glasses, everything is ok.


Real attractive men can serve really unbalancing details without twitching with the eyelashes.

I Have met a throughtattoated rocker in the pedestrian zone, which was traveling with his two little girls. The little one was in the buggy, the big, about 5 or 6 years ran on the side. He discussed with the big one, whether they take a break to ice, but the little one was just asleep. Should they let them sleep and go on the way back to the ice cream parlor, or wake them up, or buy ice cream? This discussion was very factual and serious, but on a child-friendly level. Apparently the 3 loved himself and looked at himselfEiggear Respect.

That was stunning and I addressed the father and he smiled happily. Whether he had a glasses, I do not even know anymore.

Men fully pumped out with testosterone in their lowered BMW Vorbeidnern and stun with loud aggro-Mussik, ray a very childish form of masculinity. Although the eternal prototz and play children are also "typical male", but not attractive, unless you have mother feelings that you have to get rid of.

I like men who guaranteed and with whole attention and fully heart there are when you need them. And the nice thing is that there is no glasses and 2. Each woman can do so well this "masculinity" criterion.


That has nothing to do with it

Think men with eyewear for you less masculine / attractive?