Do you find it stupid?

2021-08-29 22:01:06 JESUS

Do you find it stupid to believe that the probability is 50/50 that extraterrestrial creatures are dangerous?

Are you sure that Aliens want to destroy us or think they would be nice too ?


When so insanely spent on energy and power is turned on to search in space for habitable planets? Certainly not to drink a tea tea. You may have been attributed to its own planet already. Just as we are on the moment on the moment. They would certainly want to take over the planet for their own needs.


It takes a very long time to develop so far that you are able to make this enormous distances to overcome. An aggressive species would have destroyed himself, in this time. I assume that she will be peaceful.


I believe Many people do not really understand how probabilities work.

in SOlchen cases do not say

50% yes There are

and 50% No There are no

I say yes at lottery playing either I have a 50/50 Chance to win because I can either lose or win. Does not work like that. And so that is also with extraterrestrial life. The probability of aliens is very very very very low. Many billion times smaller than lottery play and it can even be that it is equal to 0. At least we are not quite sure. It is dependent on so many factors dependent on whether living on a planet can exist and what many people do not know what a ability is statistical miracle life on our earth.

But I'm also stupid I have not read the question correctly I thoughtIt is generally about whether there is Aliens Sorry: P


During the Conquista in Central America, most locals died of Spanish weapons, but to Spanish diseases. The aliens can be nice, but they are certainly immune to the microoranisms that live in them, and we are not.


No, why?

Tom Westby and Professor Christopher Conselice from the University of Nottingham appreciate that there could be only 36 extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way!

Do you find it stupid?