Best friend trusts me everything, puts the relationship with his girlfriend in t

2021-08-29 22:04:17 FLORA

My best friend trusted me about years, which he discussed with anyone.

Self-doubt, job, personal and relationship problems with the girlfriend.

He often asked for advice. Also because of his parents he had the need to pronounce. His parents are rich and gave him almost from birth to the 8th grade in the hands of a nanny, so that he could not build a proper bond, which strongly nibbled at his self-esteem.

We have a lot about lately His (and also my!) Construction sites spoke and he often said he was so glad to have myself as a best friend.

That our friendship is extremely important to him, whether it is bound or not, this friendship is about everything.

Recently he had an externalAche-Wee with his girlfriend in which she wanted to work in her relationship. He said the weekend was nice and was good things.

You have a house, he sent me the first time ever photos of it (I live 300 km away, we always meet in the middle of the squirrel and never to hsuse, I know his girlfriend not personally ). He said he was grateful for my support in this emotionally exhausting situation and mutual trust.

The day before yesterday late in the evening, he was on a JGA, he sent me the first time since we know a chat of his girlfriend. Apparently, it had again given differences.

She wrote to him, she had arrived well at work, whether he had arrived too? They would have to be assembled and oneSolution find as it goes on, because as it had expired on the night eve and in the morning, it would not be.

He answered her, he was definitely on work and that she could talk to Saturday, until then he had No time ... (the latter sentence I found something inappropriate in the situation).

Among them, he wrote to me as an explanation only that that was of her, it does not run well.

I Taking this as a help, offered a phone call. Wrote that he should not be waiting for the conversation for so long and even further to help him.

He read it in the middle of the night, zero reaction. I offered a phone call in the morning and asked what's going on.

Answer "Faith am again single".

I offered help again, again zero reaction. laterHe wrote, he was just with his parents (father had birthday).

I asked him to say what's going on and whether he wants help. Zero reaction.

Yesterday late in the evening I felt really stupid. First he cries for weeks and asks for advice, then he sends me this chat with her and ignores my questions and help.

Then he sends the info that he was probably single and reacts again. Why do you even send any of his best friend?

I wrote "Thank you for the info".

What he wrote, he needed peace and it did not do it well that I did not do that "now Also with criticism begins ".

I said" Why do you send me something like that ".

He:" Sorry ".

Why this action?


He is at the moment everything is too much. Sometimes it does not help to talk to friends, sometimes you just do not want to see anyone or hear.

He would probably show you on the one hand that it does not go well (because of the separation), and on the other hand he can help with help Currently not well dealing well (which is why he ignored you again and again).

Let him have some room and time and just offer him nicely to report as soon as it's better. Sage that you are still there when he needs you, but you will push him too nothing.

The contact will come back if he is actually talking about this topic is another question. If he does not want this, respect it and do not go further.


Hello Rosenmary,

As much as you realize your hand, he is very likely to be very busy with yourself and the situation at the moment.

Of course, it would be close to talking to the best friend. But I can imagine that he might now go into a partnership - and then did not write out of a pure uncertainty.

Your offer to help him is a moment of your love: it came Certainly, but he has not yet been discussed. The "Thanks for the info" opposes me like such a "message end" - and it may beat out of his emotional world in this soothe deep notch, which is now, beat there.

But there is no " Criticism "At him was open - and notNecessarily rhetorical - in demand - and then apologized with simple words.

Now Stay: Write him from what you are doing and feels; Write that you feel very in him; Offer him further the conversation. As a best friend, you can always be the rock around him in this now all the more sophisticated surf around him.

With many greetings


If you really have his Best friend, you have to practice patience. It's just not about your friendship.

He is deeply hit by the end of his relationship and obviously does not matter at all.

What he can not use is to be analyzed or donated nowHe talk. I think that he can not do that yet.

Give him a little more time .... and do not doubt your friendship right away.

Sometimes something is not so perfect.

You are now demanded to step back. That could be the best help for him.


I go out of myself and would react as if I were effectively totally overwhelmed and whistling on the last hole. He is probably the same for him; He does not know where left and where is right. Basically, one can only give him some time after which he should contact him again as soon as the "Silver Strip on the Horizon" in sight is & it is better again.

Currently, your best friend is of the overall situationEncharging how to be overwhelmed that he just can not help but do not help properly or do not know about the situation. We all come to the limits of life sometime through certain occurrences, so it should be here. What you describe about him with family, relationship and general lifestyle, sounds at least for ideal basics for such "border experiences".

But what you can do is understand that you give him to always be there for him, not to be angry if he does not answer immediately and help him or that he can always rely on your assistance ,


Let him alone. He just needs rest and you are another stress factor. Be patient. Being curious gives you KA right to immediate updates. Let him clarify that in peace. That's more important than keeping you up to date. After all, you're just a girlfriend. Neither partners nor therapist.

Best friend trusts me everything, puts the relationship with his girlfriend in the sand, sends me their chat course and lets me stand with the info?