Does your good creepypasta know Youtuber?

2021-08-30 01:01:38 JUDY

I'm looking for talented youtuber from the creepypasta scene.


If English is not a problem, you can look at LeooyLane


How many say here: Shadow Circus
He directs many creepypasta and horror projects in the German area.

The page is its work, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram pages.
Actually, he is the all-rounder for Horror!


I recommend: Shadow Circus.
He invites a video every day and the quality is extremely good.
I do not know Cpyoutuber the so much sound effects, good music.
But that he is looking for such videos every day is amazing!


Shadow Circus is probably currently one of the best
Hellscythe is also good.
But in the direct comparison I would take shadow circus.
Shadow Circus:

Hellscythe: HTTPS: / /


Dragon Lord

Does your good creepypasta know Youtuber?