What happens when the CDU rules?

2021-08-30 03:05:10 THELMA

Hello, I am 13 and male and interest about politics. Now I wanted to know what happens when the CDU Germany rules?



Unfortunately - because the tipping points in the climate are approximately reached. If not already exceeded. This requires courage, inspiration, innovation and power.

Everything Things, the CDU / CSU and its leader currently do not own. It will be a fiasco.


Here you can read the election programs of the individual parties, including the CDU.

https://www.abmaidenwatch.de/bundestag/wecht programs?gclid=cjwkcajw4kyjbhabeiwaaqbe7gc-mbgqols8w0youniuqz0qnbcvvaqv84sikoy29Syrw3jujtoixoc8U0QAVD_BWE

Whether that can then be implemented, that is, among others, that depends among other things Output of choice and possible coalition partners.


Yes, well with the climate are all agreed. It is expensive and much forbidden. Explicitly the CDU is against drugs. Greens are dangerous as they tend to (eco) extremism. And the SPD wants to increase taxes and distribute in Europe

What happens when the CDU rules?