How would you react when a strange woman asks you on the road to sex? (OPINION P

2021-08-30 04:00:42 ELIJAH

Shortly to warm up a question here, how would you react if you ask a strange woman to sex on the street? Pere philosophically asked in the round, I personally would accept directly and hiking with her to the nearest hotel room

What do you mean?
Have Couple Choy Guys

Greeting Stiinenhaus666

would not accept! CHOOSE 42%

Miscellaneous Choose 24%

would only accept when it looks hot! Choose 21%

would take directly, no matter how it looks! Choose 12%


Since I am married, I would reject.

But even if I were single, I would probably reject, I would ask myself if that is some crazy, or Me rip-off or so ...

Good, in younger years I would be there possibly faster on it, but today behind questioned a little more than then


Normally, a man is naturally equipped with a "yes". I know myself very well and tell me the reading: yes clear if she looks good, sexy looks. Why not. In reality, however, I know that I would say no if it's actually ready. There are many other thoughts in the game.


That depends on the oneWhether I find her attractive. But on the other hand from my general mood, whether I feel like it and if I have time.

Of course, only if I were single.


If you fit into the "bag scheme" I would accept :)


had Already often such offers and have rejected this politely.

Also at a time where I was not married yet ...: -)

How would you react when a strange woman asks you on the road to sex? (OPINION POLL)?