Telephone sessions, murder?

2021-08-30 07:01:05 CLARENCE

I come up with such a question.

I've just read the info of the telephea's care on the internet from boredom. There, everything is 100% anonymous and so on and that the employees do not notice names.

Let's take a call to someone, because he has killed his little sister due to anger and neglect of the parents and the body otherwise hid where. How should the employees deal with such a case then?


You Anonym is not the Nothing is prosecuted, no matter which physician in Germany ABOLUT Everyone may break his confident to the police official against the police if there are reasons, of course, even with anonymous phone calls because so anonymous are not now.


They must report that and that is also prosecuted ...


Each rule has exceptions, forget-up that never.

Telephone sessions, murder?