Weight girl?

2021-08-30 07:01:44 ESTELLE

Hello everybody

So I'm a bit stressed because of my weight ...

I'm 14 years old (girl). How hard should I be? (I'm about 1.62m)

Thank you in advance for all answers


"allowed"? Is there a book somewhere in which stands: girls with 14 and 1.62m may only weigh between weight x and y?

For Sky's sake, what makes society only with you poor boys people ...

Okay, now quite apart: Weight is a number, this does not necessarily say something about obesity a person out. Do you make sports and exercise a lot of muscles, then you will bring much more weight to the scales than a person with a similar size and appearance that does not operate sports. So try to get away from thinking about weight in pure numbers, because they are never meaningful and reliable.

LG :)


Normal weight is between 55kg and 65kg, but I also found 80kg oThe more not bad


According to BMI calculator:

Underweight everything under 44.8 kg

Soften over 61kg

Weight girl?