Can you masturbate as a hobby?

2021-08-30 07:02:18 WAYNE

So now seriously, if you often do it, it's as a side employment, I can see it as a hobby. I would even see it with me as a hobby.

W 16


can be determined. But I would not make it as a side employment in your place. Concentrate fully fully on the masturbation. But as a hobby you can already see it yes.


As a hobbie, I do not see it. Since I like to do it, I would say it is a need. A need is used but it also makes fun.


I would definitely be in an application. This increases the opportunities enormously.


So I would count it as an employment.
But since you like it.
Could you count it to hobbies



Good question XD but do not think that's so good WDo you e? Imagine XD

Can you masturbate as a hobby?