What do you think of the SAW film series?

2021-08-30 07:03:54 TONI


What do you think about it?

May it Choose 44%

If it does not like choose 40%

Miscellaneous Choose 8%

Horror Horror must be 4%


Everything else than horror, but ok choose 0%


In my opinion, it has become ever worse and from the first. Unfortunately, this applies to many film series.


The first part was one of the best films of this kind I've ever seen.

I am with correspondingly high expectations I am Part 2 and 3 ranks, then to draw the disappointed conclusion: Onehitwonder ...

While in the first part the psycho-players, this unspeakable puzzle, why the voice in the off always knew in the foreground was in the foreground In the two follow-up parts only stump is therefore to represent still perverted killing / torture methods. But after the fortieth liter of artificial blood, I only yawn, because the tension is just (for me at least) from a good story.


in his own way very entertaining franchise. Am proud owner of the Unrated Blu-ray Collection.


Love the series, but the 7th film was a very big disappointment. At least the new part "SAW SPIRAL" is quite interesting. Jigsaw was not necessarily bad, but unfortunately does not come to part 1 and 2 ran, which were clearly the best parts for me.


One of the best movies I have ever seen

What do you think of the SAW film series?