Have you ever heard of Hppd?

2021-08-30 11:05:52 DIANNA

I have been HPPD for 5 years, but barely one has ever heard of it. HPPD = Hallucinogen Persistent Perception Disorder. So persistent perception disorders after hallucinogen use. One continues to have the perception as if one were on a drug trip, but no psychosis. This is also in the DSM. Did you ever hear about it? And can you find that interesting? There is so visual symptoms such as: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, Floates, Glares, Ghosting, Visual Snow, Patterns, etc. Some, including me, initially take music as faster or slower as they really is. Is something new for you?


This disease is usually back or completely after 1-2 years. For me she is as good as it is away


No, is nothing new to me and no, I think that's not interesting, but just sad.


No, for me this is nothing new, but it's pretty blatantly that it can easily occur if you only try a drug once.


Yes, Something new and not desirable.

So you have pushed the brain through drug abuse. But this is nothing new. Nice that we all know now.

Have you ever heard of Hppd?