Girl seeing without a headscarf, Haram?

2021-08-30 12:04:33 RUBEN

AS Selamu Alejkum My dear brothers and shared wister

My question is when I am, for example. A woman without a headscarf see (BSP: teacher or girl at school or mother All gimbean women see just without sexual drive and without a liking) is Haram?


No, because you can not do anything for that. Nevertheless, you should lower your glances.


You get a sexual drive from head hair. Hair has everyone, and of course too. Look in the mirror ....


No. That's completely natural. That's life, young human brother. The right, real life ...

Greetings, Earnest


I am so shocked that 2021 still believes in such a nonsense. Almost every person has hair. I'm not horny of my own hair. But I'm also gay, oh wait, that's also Haram.


So if one sexually caused by the sight of main hairT will, you should ask yourself if you are not funny on it.

Girl seeing without a headscarf, Haram?