Can you print and sell the Koran or the Bible on toilet paper?

2021-08-30 12:05:18 LATOYA

Is it possible to make a fun and to print and sell Koran or Bible on toilet paper?


Surely you can print this and e.g. pass on friends. Even the possession can not be punishable.

What is likely to be prohibited, but would be the public, because it is suitable for jeopardizing public peace .

According to § 166 I StGB makes it punishable who spent the content of the religious or ideological confession of others in a manner publicly or by disseminating writings, which is suitable for disturbing public peace.

We have not burned one of our old Qurane publicly, but - from the occasion of our apostasy and the associated freedom - solemnly at home in the open fireplace. For beer and spareribs. We are allowed to do that. In the marketplace would beIt was forbidden even if we had involved the fire department. : -)

However, I would find such a pressure already clearly hicous and provocative. Only to show that we can not limit ourselves from Islamic prohibitions or stays in our freedoms, the presentation of Muhammad cartoons should be sufficient. And even that does not have to happen at break; The Muslims already know that we are unwilling our right to free expression, press freedom, "art freedom" (Article 5 in the GG).


On the one hand, it was not forbidden here and preventing, on the other hand, it also has its boundaries and that it would not witness neither respect and decency nor good education.


It is allowed to take a fun

If that's just fun, you can z. B. pictures of you or from another person (which must be agreed) also print. Whether you can sell that, I do not know. But if you do that, please let me know. Maybe I would have interest.

With the Koran / the Bible that would be dangerous for you, even if it would be allowed. But honestly, to blame myself, if you come to such a stupid idea.

I hope I could help you.



No, only for private use. There were such a toilet paper distribution in a pedestrian area, in turn to the Koran distribution. The was set and probably has the distributoralso get a fine for it.


Funny, which is arranged here under religious critical critical, but tolerance demand if people reject the liberal basic order - eg Basic Law

= is only GG - criticism

Can you print and sell the Koran or the Bible on toilet paper?