Corona: Are you looking for the vaccinated, just like the unvaded, tests, if you

2021-08-30 13:01:33 BRANDON

And if "no": why no.

has now turned out that the risk of infection and infection persistence persists.

Why do not test the others? Why does this make sense in your eyes, if so?

or your answer is just selfishly influenced, because you are vaccinated and also no buck on rigid measures and tests?

I think vaccinated should be excluded from the duty, as Choose 68%

One should preferred to stop with the testeri, as Choose 23%

one should both groups should be both Constantly testing (mandatory) Choose 8%

Vaccinated and uncovered only with symptoms test choose 3%


should / not should, duty / non-duty.

Where is the use of healthy sense? I wish that this miserable pandemic is past as fast as possible. I have the snout full of it. That's why I am vaccinated and still recognize the meaning in regular tests and wearing masks, as well as distance and hygiene rules. If I change the floor at work, I wash my hands for 20 seconds. Is probably not necessary, but saves people's lives with a small probability. If I have many contacts (restaurant, concert, etc.) I test myself before and after 3 days again when the quick tests would strike. Whether the duty is or is not me completely snoop, because it is Useful.

Whether the tests cost money or not is a political decision. I would have made much decisions differently, e.g. built in March 2020 worldwide vaccine factories and vaccine developers bought the patents for insane sums, because it is still cheaper than the lockdowns. Then there could have been distributed everywhere in the world 4 weeks after the tests of the vaccines vaccines. Instead, after 9 months we were only 2.5 billion people vaccinated.

His sense is very easy to use. I do not smoke, so I can spend the money for the cigarettes easily for a few tests. People at the poverty line should be supplied to state costs with masks and tests. Solidarity is a virtue, the hatredFilled spreading of abundant lies on the Internet could be very easily socially projected, but many people are just too sensational horny and in feeling in the feeling of having a higher secret knowledge. For that they do not scare back, worst crap, which is easily scientifically refused to spread in the net: vaccinations make magnetic and kill? This is very easy to check.

I am that people test themselves if they have the opportunity to tackle others or have been infected by others. Since that makes sense, I do not see why you have to make it a duty. We also have no toothbrush duty and there is no legal ban on mutually sneezing each other's face. Nevertheless, many people create the Sput into full.


... we all constantly infect (the viruses are not gone), but did not - or at least not difficult - because the viruses Thanks to the antibodies can not greatly multiply. This in turn means that the risk that you can infect other people is relatively low.


Although I find it in principle really vaccinated, as it can only rarely transmit the virus and the incidence can not jump up significantly. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it would be useful for high fall figures for vaccinated tests, as the incidence would be very high and then there would be the risk that they may possiblyPeople could infect that are unrema and in the end still belong to the risk group, which could lead to a renewed burden on hospitals. Therefore, that could be useful and much better than a lockdown for vaccinated. That would be in my opinion rather unnecessary for you


.., which makes the Unstopped a vaccine tasty ... and even if one of 5000 vaccinated (that's the current quote) still infected Can, who then has a mild course .., and if all were vaccinated, that would be no threat anymore ...


that can be better monitored. I find it e.g. Too bad that my sister can not be tested at work, where she was vaccinated. You and I then do that at home and pay SElbst, is then for all safer, right? I think you should be completely independent whether one is recovered or vaccinated (and I am fully vaccinated)

Corona: Are you looking for the vaccinated, just like the unvaded, tests, if you want to go somewhere?