Friend betrayed me drunk, what should I do?

2021-08-30 17:01:01 MONICA

Hello, my friend was on a celebration on Saturday and has spread completely, I raised him on Friday before that he should not drink so much that he may have something with another, he meant he said Can tear together and promised me that something does not happen. Yesterday (Sunday) he then wrote me by snapchat that he has built shit. I had to pull it out of his nose that he had something with another at the celebration ...

I do not know what's going on exactly because yesterday was just injured to talk about it. .. I've called him after being put out with the language and said, out of the emotion that he should piss and have set up ... He has since DEM no longer reported and I do not know if I can forgive him because I have very strong trusting problem anyway ... I asked him about 15 minutes ago if we could talk about it again personally what exactly happened and why.

I would be very happy about your opinions, because I'm just very confused at the moment ...


YOU HAVE YOU HAVE YOU FURTHER TO Talk to Him again in 15 minutes. That tells me that he is very important to you.

What speaks against him is that he has lost control under alcohol. What speaks for him is that he said it for you. Only he would have that in my opinion (I am an old-fashioned) should not say by snap, but look into the eyes.

talk about it - and then meet your decision!


I would leave him in your place. He has twisted and alkohl is in no way an apology. Because alcohol takes only the inhibition away. That means someone in drunken state rather does what else he would not dare but thatWhat he does then is in him.

Please do not help you to completely risk your whole trust and to be hurt again hard again. Also from compassion you should not stay with him, because if it is only compassion, love is not honest.

Wish you the best on your way, Stay Strong






When a man is crashed, he gets no more high.

So your friend has drunk so much that it was undefeated, but still could decide.

Besides, you both have already talked about it before, and you told him your fear.

That he has a guilty conscience now and gets out with you, you do not have to do to you.



If you love JMD, it is completely no matter how hacked seal is, you're not alien. Alcohol lowers the inhibitions, it does not make one another person. When he cheats out, it is not unlikely that he does it sometime without alcohol. But so or something: he betrayed you and there is no excuse for that. Also not the alcohol. He has deliberately drunk so much, he is hardly petty with the other in the other and he was interested in zero for your request and concerns.

Time apart from the JMD that was so energy for me anyway already a Nogo would be. .. You do not trust him. Obviously, but without trust, a relationship is completely worthless. If you have not trusted him before his scam, how should it be thereNN now work where you know that this suspicion is absolutely justified? Last, the question arises how much you are worthwhile. Are you ready to use and give you to give him freedom that you probably do not have? Terry With alcohol in the head he only does things he would generally do, Inhibitions are only small. Greetings and all the best

Friend betrayed me drunk, what should I do?