Is it the meaning of life to make sense of his life?

2021-08-30 18:00:34 WINSTON


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Hello Lelelele123456!

We do not want to dodge the philosophy and the religious view of the outside The meaning of life the conservation of the kind.

too often will forget that one needs other species for a continuation of one's own kind and manifests man discloses.

For the first time, a living thing has - Humans for several decades - the power to eliminate all life including their own and he works on it too. Daily types of animals die daily. Man deletes the hard disk of nature and a copy does not exist .

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It There is no sense in life.

If at all, then it is the "progress"

the development in itself and thus the community is the journey.


No .... You do not need a goal or meaning in life ....

I live, for example, live schannel and it can live well


You can actually say so.

After everyone sees his mind something different - of course you have to find out whatever you enjoy in life.


The meaning of life is to be transferred and to maintain its species alive.

Is it the meaning of life to make sense of his life?