Why do you think there is no God?

2021-08-30 21:02:10 KATRINA

There must be a God, because as usual, the big bang took place, our universe is so superfin set that a pencil stands on 10 high razor blades.

So unlikely is the structure of the universe



The construction of the universe is so that we can live in it; We are the product of this universe!

Would the universe be different, we would be different .......

It does not need an as well as a greatest greatest being!

... and if there is a highest nature, it certainly requires no worship and the strict compliance of life rules by us to enjoy it and perceive us as worthy.


I believe Not only to God, I am so convinced that it has to give a God because there are so many sources of information. And where a source of information is, there is also a thinking spirit.


Since universe is certainly unlikely. A new wüDo not lead to the same result because a great number of coincidences has created everything to today's stand and does that further. Everything within the framework of the PKysical laws.

If you drop a glass on the floor, you then have many pieces in different sizes and shapes and places. This shard assembly has been completely random. A question about the uniqueness of these pieces is still superfluous, because there could also have tens of thousands other variants. As the existence, for example, the people of pure coincidence and only one of billions of wire opportunities is how and whether life has developed.

But the question is the question of how the origin of the world was, as far as we did not can calculate. If there is a hWas involved or not, is not possible. And if such God (if there is one) is how the various religions imagine their boss is unlikely in view of the different views.


Why is not there any God?

What is there for us people?

gives what we perceive and what we can think about.

We can not perceive God. But many people always want to think about what they can not perceive.

Then man can not know , but only believe .

In the core, the faith has the object, which is no object and can not be thought.

human too humanthat it converts the unthinkable to the conceivable!

The result is the religions with the countless culturally conditioned formations of the symbolism of the unthinkable.

When we symbolize the love through the image of a red heart, then we know that the red heart is not "love". When we symbolize the unthinkable with the picture of a God, but as a believer, we tend to assign the symbol of our reality to keep it for "really".

This is how the unthinkable becomes a personal God. And then is very useful for secular purposes:

Thus, the human-charved loving and cruel punitive God with heaven and hell ensures the enforcement of the interests of powerful people.

This God - so mineE I - do not exist!

But there are people the challenge for us to find a balance between the conceivable and unthinkable.

Who means human thinking is the "gold standard" for the development of the "whole realkei t" is just as false in my view, as someone who passes his metaphysical certainty.

The latter would I suppose Swami Vivekananda if he had not supplemented his statement by human experience, of course, that I and the YOU and their divorceness - in the human world .

At the same time, however, the presentation of "God" is convinced me.

There is neither I nor you; All variety goes into the absolute unit eggn, in the one and infinite - God.

Swami Vivekananda

As seen, there is God - and it does not exist.


Because your reasons for one God not to believe from others are not shared or are not "sound".

All subjects with: " Why does not you think At .......... ? " With then all possible conceivable assignments are meaningless.

Why do you think there is no God?