Who has thought best in TV-Triple?

2021-08-30 22:01:57 LANCE

Regardless of whom you personally find it. Who hit best?

Mr. Scholz Choose 53%

Ms Baerbock Choose 35%

Mr. Load Choose 12%


Mrs. Beebock has surprised me very much. For me she was no longer in the race because I only heard negative things about her. But in the duel she has passed its point of view passionately, gave clear and honest answers and not confessed in front of it. It was brave and the content was surprising. Mostly the Greens seem very cozy on me, but they seem to have a lot of thoughts, also in terms of financing. Mrs. Bearbock was like a terrier. Has not relaxed and was with a heart-blood.

Mr. Scholz was most likely to me. Quiet, competent, has rarely been made of rest. So I imagine a head of state. In terms of content it was OK. Not waS I really noticed negatively, but nothing that would have inspired me. No dreamer, but realistic, pragmatic, very attention to feasibility.

Mr. Laschet did not like it. Just seemed unsympathetic, something passive was aggressive, has been provoking very quickly, his answers did not favor me in terms of content and overall, he does not make an impression on me, as I would wish him with a representative of our country.

After all, the question is what you want. My impression according to: Lashet promotes industry and large companies, Scholz wants to stably lead it so on how it runs so far, Bearbock wants to change changes and I trust her too properly to advance.


the SequenceE mirrors my feeling about:

1. Scholz, 2nd Baerbock, 3. Lashing. Where all are close to each other. All three could always bring their points again.

ultimately crucial it was for me that Scholz could take his momentum and just rode on his wave. Typical for him, he has named everything, which now represents him - solid performance.

Ms. Baerbock could also bring through their points and went both in terms of content as well as their gestures on Contra to both counterparties. In tax policy, I fished her strong.

With Lashet you have noticed that he did not want to take Mrs. Baerbock and did not want to take seriously. One noticed in my opinion on introductions like "but Ms. Baerbock". He wasAt the most emotional among the three, but rather emotionally like a defiant child - I find. And on the subject of video surveillance, Ms. Baerbock then had old looked old.


Scholz and Baerbock made it both well well. Scholz liked me a little better because he seemed very confident and had not made a significant from rest despite several attacks of Laschet.

Lashet seized on me aggressive. I can imagine what his election campaign advisor has been served before the shipment: " Armin, you have to finally give gas now! Make the two right! " ... ridiculous.


At the sovereign came over Scholz. He did not let himself be made of rest and not nThat addresses what we need to implement, but even had a feasible plan for the next few years.

Baerbock has set up loseless claims that you want to push through with regulations to make climate protection with the crowbar. I found that pretty naive and she will encounter massive resistance. What she said to the relief of families with children, I found very good.

Lashet has shown once again that you can not take it seriously. He emphasized himself stressed, but sometimes came over as a child, which stubborn with the foot. When he was attacked because of his tax policy, he looked very helpless.


Greetings Timilein45

I said Armin Lashet ArgumenTodent to be the weakest, Annalena Baerbock had, after green manner, had the courage to make clear announcements. Although Olaf Scholz is there in their closeness, but was more reserved in his statements, considering not to lean far out of the window and do not make mistakes.

If you assume that the voter marriages to the candidate, which sounds solid, but on the other hand does not have the courage to prawn with new ideas more clearly and bold forward and may voted the voters, Then Scholz had dotted before lashing and Baerbock.

Are you assuming that the voters want to allow fresh wind in a new policy and has readiness for a GeGeiLicHey the future also to overcome uncertainty feelings, then Baerbock is likely to lie in front.

I personally see Annalena Baerbock at the front, especially since in a statement lashes could not be reacted up to date. An example shows this with the revival of the inner cities linked to cars with cars. Since one could quite counterpart, which is due to the sealing of surfaces and their withdrawal by planting green as compensation and with the argument of the expansion of public transportation and the electrification of cars and the preferential assignment for bicycles, an appreciation of the inner cities quite possible very well would be and here Annalena could have scores. Unfortunately, it did not happen because of time constraints, I mean. I found the argument of Laschet here ReEither weak.



Who has thought best in TV-Triple?