Who is the smaller evil for you?

2021-08-30 23:06:28 JAY

Consciously formulated, since yes all 3 are not popular.

This is a truly emotional & complex topic, so I ask to stay objective and not provoke!

Scholz Choose 50%

Lashing Choose 29%

Baerbock Choose 21%


I find all three to puke.

But the Baerbock would actually be the smaller evil for me, even if some people do not want to hear.

Lashing is unbeelish for me. He is completely incompetent and in the CDU in my opinion. Scholz has not been thrilled for me since the scandals like Cumex. Not to mention the fact that he ruled as a year-long advocate of black 0 the land to break.

Baerbock is a breakdown magnet, but on average, your scandals cost the taxpayer far less than the other noses. Besides, I absolutely want to prevent another GROKO.


Scholz, from the SPD enjoyed not good enough to be your party chairman, should be after their linkNevertheless, he logic to the Federal Chancellor?

Scholz is the hand puppet of the chairman Esken / Borjans who already negotiate with the Party Left about Coalition.

"I say them ahead today," Ziemiak said, "that Olaf Scholz has not reported anything at all. If there is a majority of a majority for a coalition between the SPD and the left with the voices of the Greens, then it will be this government coalition give, then there will be a left-wing government in this country. Then we give everything. " Ziemiak warned against deindustrialization and international isolation.

The Union hopefully sets the Chancellor, not because of, but despite lashing.


Under Baerbock all the poorer will become under lashing the poor poorerD rich richer become. Under Scholz (I think).


It is lashed by the three people.


None of the three is stocktablable.

Who is the smaller evil for you?