How do you get a girl for sex?

2021-08-30 23:06:46 GARY


See my boy, girl are not a commodity or something you can get specifically for sex. You should start to appreciate a girl, whether you are in your class, whether on your campus, nearby, etc. You must stop looking for a girl only for physical reasons. Learn to be friends with a girl, learn to respect. Improve your personality and communication capabilities.

If you are a charming boy or a caring person, there is the possibility that you find a life partner or a girlfriend with the You can share your tie.


Man should always be honest and direct.

Is your intention onlySex? Then tell her and do not fool her.

Since her? Then talk about it.

Do you both want it? Then it's that you both feel comfortable.



with Style. Be Like Sakamoto.


If you do not want it to accept it.

You have to listen but also pay attention to your gestures.


For this you have to send a sexual traffic request to you on Facebook.

How do you get a girl for sex?