What can 11 year old children do to make money?

2021-08-30 23:08:07 JORDAN


My son is 11 years and wants more money than he gets. And asked me if he can work something. Newspaper is only from 13 years. I thought about Gassie go with small dogs on eBay classifieds to offer. Now I do not know if something is used and how much you can demand for such a thing. Or may you have other ideas?


Do you might be neighbors who could help Z.B in the household or garden? Thus, your son would earn some pocket money and at the same time take responsibility early.


With 11 you can not work at all.

What would certainly go if good at school he could get something as a reward.

Or if he helps a lot in the household, he could always get 2-3 € again and again.


The employment protection regulation prohibits work for children under 13 years .

So, all that as " Work "could be evaluated out.

go shopping for older people, whose towing is too heavy when he knows what he's BeaHowever, with the Bon etc., but would be conceivable, but only with a shopping trolley, so that it does not get too heavy himself.


He may help both relatives in the household and it is likely to help Relief supplies slightly closed, other work is not possible.


Such jobs are not available from 11 but for example with the neighbors or so car washing or gardening or if they have pets, for example Dogs There you can go Gassi

(I would not recommend on Ebay since I do not find that so sure)

What can 11 year old children do to make money?