Book recommendation?

2021-08-31 00:04:26 ROBYN

Hello, I'm looking for a book with an action in which someone loses everything and thus has to become stronger, preferably a woman. So for example: A princess loses everything and is expelled and must be strong and fight. (Yona of the Dawn moderately, but does not have to be a princess). If there is not really ideas, then maybe a noble woman who does not want to bow to her fate (rich man marry or so) but himself wants to be strong and independent.


Since I can recommend you the thriller trilogy of Ursula Poznanski. "The betrayed, the conspirators who destroyed".

In the future, where people can not go out, but were built into cities and civilization in glass coupling because it is too dangerous outside by climate etc. The main character is a young student, the best of its vintage banished for inexplicable reasons and must survive outside together with other banishes.

Extremely exciting, is one of the best books I have ever read. :)


  1. Arms Millionaires (is an older series) A ​​millionaire's family loses everything but works again
  2. The Gambler (Casino Film) Player veall and in the end he wins
  3. the paranormal traveling autist (eBook over parallel worlds) An autistic boy is bullied and loses everything but he becomes stone-rich by selling technology from an advanced parallel world.


Winter awakens by CL Wilson


The Nightingale of Kristin Hannah


Hold on Darkover by Marion Room Bradley. There is teeming of strong women.



Book recommendation?