Do you see my facial asymmetry strong?

2021-08-31 01:03:55 ANA

I am 21 years old and I've recently noticed that my right half of the face looks great or thicker than my left. My smile is somehow awry .... on one side is higher than on the other.

I wanted to know if only I do this right away because I pay more on it or if it is directly visible for others ...

Do you see my asymmetry strong? And can you do something about it?


The few people have a symmetrical physiognomy. As far as I can judge that, your face looks harmonious. The asymetry is probably stirred from your cheekbard.

in it

right away with me, you do not see that too much. It may be that you have a very small inflammation in the mouth and that is a bit swollen.


You have turned the head minimally to the left, so your right side seems thicker.

I do not really notice.


This is completely normal, man is not absolutely built symmetrically. There is absolutely nothing wrong. And "against doing," do not go right. There is enough failed SChönness operations.


So I do not see it but have a sympathetic smile

Do you see my facial asymmetry strong?