Never have a kiss, let alone relationship with 18?

2021-08-31 02:04:12 RICKEY

Good day,

Since I am currently in a funeral and not really knowing, I'll let my frustration out.

M / 18 has no success in women, and no experience.

I gene in a boyhood school, which is why I had my last contact with girls 8 years ago in the 4th class. In addition, my parents with 13 - 17 years never let me out of the house (only to my best buddy) let alone celebrate. So far, have no single wireless contact on WhatsApp or Snapchat.

That's why I've gambled most of the time and have put a lot of coal there, which is why I will continue to remain and I enjoy it, I wished to meet some friends there.

After I Then 17 WUrde and my education begun, I met some there in the vocational school, but only guys in the class and in the company too.

After I got 18, I got a bit out with you to bring my social life to the front man. What kind of a lot made a lot.

When a celebration was, since the conclusion was on the secondary schools, we gene as class there, there were 3000 people at the age of 15-21.

Was with one from my class all the time on the road and 2 good buddies that had no experience with women, as they have also gambled with me. But they were then addressed by girls, which I treat them, and 2 are now in a relationship.

Just I was addressed by nobody, GeschWeige considered at all. Then have tried with a couple to speak, but then rejected again and again. But I Do not Know Why, It Doesn't Matter How Hard U Try. I'm not really shy. I'm very athletic (train 4 times a week). Have only good clothes. I'm well maintained (actually no pimples and shaved) and have with the people I know good conditions and was never an geek at school.

Then I was correctly depressed for a week, but did not really show this. Because I have to stay male on my part.

I started the first time on dating platforms, where I am exactly ignored.

Meanwhile, I also dismissed from my buddies (do I all know well and long) thereS I have no experience and never it will be. Then just laugh because I am also the "strongest" and who know that and I can not let me know. My parents and relatives already ask all the time if what's going on, I just only laughed.

If you have vllt tips where you can go to get to know IW the Nice.

But that was first



You look very exactly and penibula, which also reveal the two mirrors in the photo and the super tidy console in the bathroom. Do you know a woman, it should also be a bit wild in the sense of spontaneous, unplanned, something crazy. Therefore, however, it does not have to be a "light person", but an over-precisely life in all areas is probably just a few people. The vase with the color-like three cups (photo) is zenedimeter-accurately aligned, a partner would be afraid that after cleaning it would not be the same again.


Rule Number 1: Lass Do not make pressure, it's not easy but with too much pressure will not move in the area. That such a pressure among other things also through theFamily is produced, is unfortunately normal. Do not understand why.

As you described everything you actually fits everything on you. How exactly are you talking about the ladies?


So Bro I do not really know what they all have. You look good, are apparently sporty (so you mean you often exercise) and are well maintained. You just have bad luck, but that can change. That you are not out of thirst test is of course stupid. So you could not get to know so many new people. Just often go to certain places and learning new people. If this does not help just try the girls with something to impress. You will find the right thing already;). Good luck


Become a bisland looser with your Hetero Performance.

Me 18 have a lot of no sex. You are actually quite cute but your tshirt already works a Bissel Hypermasculin. Women have fancy guys, with which one can also have a normal thing without sex. ERINE WOMAN FOR SEX You will find destination for online dating (maybe you are more successful with any other tshirt in all women who do not happen to find me Metal). That's faster, if you pay money.

If you just want to get to know women is bad during the pandemic. Otherwise you could dance underwear, a language course or in the choir.

If you only have to do with types, you do not hear so well women but you already realize thatT. Your friends turn probably on a self-confident than you are

Never have a kiss, let alone relationship with 18?