Foreign year weight gain?

2021-08-31 04:01:11 JACKIE

I am currently in the US, more precisely in Jacksonville. I have been here since the 1.6 and have already increased 8kg. I have totally afraid to come back really thick, especially because I already had a little tummy when I arrived here. I have not wasted a thought that you could increase abroad, how was that with you and what did you do about it? Maybe briefly my data: I'm female, 17, 1.68m tall and cradle now 82kg!


Hello Carla287

Like StuFix2000 has explained: This effect is common and to do with nutrition abroad, not just In the US.

In addition to less (low-calorie) Something food, there is above all the opportunity to make the daily routine "like at home". Normally, the more carving means us more rare food.

PS: My daughter has received your multi-weight back after several months at home.

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Of course, many exchange students report.

But just like home, it depends on the calories you take a day to you. Currently, you take more to you than you are consuming.


Do not drink drinksbringing extra calories. So only water, tea,

In the US, the portions are greater. That does not fall on, because everything is bigger, but it's like that. So do not eat plates empty, even if you have learned that.

Middle all prefabricated food. Everything that is packaged is full of sugar. Also allegedly healthy things. No smoothies.

More movement. Maybe you lack the very "natural movement", which many have in Germany running to school, cycle to the club, etc. All this does not do in the US. So again movement insert into your normal daily routine.

By itself, the weight does not go down, all you get there on the ribs, you have to get down again. For distress with the help of your family in Germany


reduce the amount of food by 1/3 and move more. In addition, your drinks replace through water.

Then that has not only done with the increase, but you will quickly remove again.


In fact, many and many even develop an eating disorder. Is not unknown. Look at whether you find experiences about YouTube. Danny That's normal, but if you do not want that to go to Gym or so :)

Foreign year weight gain?