Are you wearing other clothes at home?

2021-08-31 07:03:38 MAURICE

I my so comfortable pants is logical

But otherwise?


When I had another job in which I had to wear a suit, it was still the case that I had more or less separate divisions in the wardrobe for home and work, but now Renne I privately as in the profession with Longsleeve, denim shirt, Chino and sneakers or Vans - I'm currently in home office; -)

However, I only rarely sit really in jogging in the home office, albeit Let's go shopping "still quickly" in jogging and do not think that bad.


Hello, FCB4Live!

At home I wear leggings with oversize pullis or T ' Shirts, depending on the weather.

If I'm in the garden or on the terrace, then I slip into a hangerEN von Deerberg, they are so cozy, and ideal as gardening. But quite for the chagrin of my husband. He then says to me: Well, do you have your linen bag again? Looks scary sexy, but that does not bother me in the least.

If we hike together in the evening, I like to wear Jeggins, and blouses of Thomas Rath, or Schiffhauer Munich.

With fashionable greetings, Renate.


So, sometimes like that.

At home I carry predominantly more comfortable things and do not pay attention to whether the color or fits from the style.

But when I come home, I do not always move myself immediately and sometimes let the things away from the day.


I actually have a tendency,I cancel me at home as a way out:

At home it may be quiet comfortable and the clothes should also be functional. For cooking, cleaning and gardening, it really does not have to be the new shirt and the new pants, but why not for the library, shopping or a meeting?

But I have predominantly clothes that I at home and Can wear away.


Jap, at home I pull strap-lighter clothes which do not need so much care but not very blatant look

Are you wearing other clothes at home?