Do you suspect a school lockdown?

2021-08-31 07:05:49 BENNIE



not until the autumn holidays, no. I do not know how it will, but I do not think much about it, I'll just take it as it comes: D
LG Swiftgirl


No. But I do not decide anything in this point! Do others do that. We must - continue to wait, what's coming.


I personally think that it comes to another school closure, however, if the corona numbers are so extremely high that it is no different Of course, there will be online lessons but I think it will not be half a year or just a few months since the schools are very likely to be re-opened relatively quickly


I do not think so whitel many at least in my school were vaccinated. The only ones that would have to be in a part Lockdown would be the little ones.

Do you suspect a school lockdown?