What are your favorite songs currently?

2021-08-31 08:01:36 CHRISTY


Take My Breath von The Weekd.

Butterfly from Luciano.

Feels Right from Roosevelt.

Yonaguni of Bad Bunny.

Breaking Me from Topic, my top 1 this year.

by Shakira Do not Wait Up, recently heard is not bad, with me is still in the test phase if what will be.

Dancing Alone by Axwell / Ingrosso has been part of my life for me since appearance. But only with headphones edible.


Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran, Permission to Dance - BTS, 大 張偉 - WoWKie Zhang :)





  1. In The End of Linkin Park
  2. Rip Chester
  3. BERT
  4. Steel Commander
  5. Bismarck
  6. Killing Ground
  7. Poltava, SwedISH Version
  8. Attack of the Dead Men

God with us

Ruina Imperii

Karoliens Bön

All of Sabaton . Dennis The Abyss - Hammerfall, Hearts on Fire - Hammerfall, Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

What are your favorite songs currently?